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Get Appartment Abbreviation
. Looking for the abbreviation of apartment? My question is a bit silly but how should the word appartment be officially abbreviated when writing addresses?

NYC #apthunt getting confusing? Here's what those listing ...
NYC #apthunt getting confusing? Here's what those listing … from

7 ways to abbreviate apartment. It happens to the best of us: Keep in mind that the abbreviation of apartment is widely used in industries like banking.

The abbreviation most commonly used is apt or apt, which is often seen as a check box on mailing labels there are duplexes, penthouses or condominiums, studio house, appartment houses, studio.

Home » abbreviations dictionary » what is the abbreviation for apartment? How do you abbreviate apartment. Abbreviations are necessity in real estate because often a lot of the information must the list contains some of the abbreviations that are commonly used in the real estate. For other uses of the abbreviation apt., see apt.

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