Get Setting Aquascape Pics

Get Setting Aquascape
. This kind of tank often called ecosphere because this was popularized by ecosphere. This mini aquascape without co2, filter and fertilizer was designed as experiment to see aquatic plants that can survive in an extreme condition.

Belajar setting aquascape tank 30x20x25 - YouTube
Belajar setting aquascape tank 30x20x25 – YouTube from

Perbedaannya terletak pada isi dari akuarium itu sendiri. What soil did you use, what lighting (wattage and hrs) and also more about what co2 set up for this size of tank. Been messing around with it for my tank and am, hopefully, going to the fish store today to get the things for my 55g.

You only need to prepare the materials as below, and find the idea of design or style of your aquascape.

This allows you to see what your aquascape is likely going to look like in your own tank. You'll love the serenity of a water feature or backyard pond. Dengan begitu semua orang dapat menuangkan ide kreatifnya kedalam akuarium. Learn to aquascape like the professionals!

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