Download Aquascape Layout Background

Download Aquascape Layout
. Avoid aquascapes that look artificial or too constructed. But how to make a good one if you're just starting off with the hobby?

Aquascaping Layouts - Aquascape Ideas
Aquascaping Layouts – Aquascape Ideas from

This layout concept is often called concave form, and it is very popular. Let's take a look at a sample layout: The layout is simple, and the vegetative scape is favorable and practical for the fish over time.

Some of you may have heard of this and some of you may have not and its called 'the golden ratio' which is widely used in planning the layout and perspective of an aquascape.

*update* there is now a new 'linear layout' style created by james findley. Damir khasanov , apr 10, 2019. You only need to prepare the materials as below, and find the idea of design or style of your aquascape. Layout thủy sinh� lũa bonsai � lũa cá rồng � lũa cá dĩa� lũa biotope� free ship.

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